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The Kansas Wheat Commission Research Foundation (KWCRF) was created to be the fundraising arm of the Kansas Wheat Commission. They work to raise private dollars for the advancement of current and long-term support for wheat research. KWCRF’s efforts directly impact the Kansas Wheat Innovation Center, the state’s single-largest farmer investment in wheat research, which conducts valuable research not only on behalf of Kansas farmers but the entire wheat industry. Upon the launch of the newly formed foundation, they set a fundraising goal of $4 million and needed help developing a campaign that would showcase the value of the Kansas Wheat Innovation Center’s work to motivate potential donors to contribute.


Establish a compelling and sustainable brand to aid in fundraising efforts


We developed a brand for the KWCRF that positioned the organization as one that enables consistent advancements in wheat research and production through sustainable, private funding. The final messaging was crafted to resonate with both the producers and donors who have a shared interest in the long-term success and sustainability of wheat production in the state.

With KWCRF’s brand positioning set, we created the campaign “Fields Forward: A Campaign for a Sustainable Wheat Future” and brought it to life through a new website, print collateral, and video. Each piece of the campaign educated potential donors about KWCRF’s three areas of focus: recruiting talent, improving the quality of wheat, and building funds for the long-term support of wheat research.

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The resulting brand and campaign that we developed was launched and promoted to stakeholders across the state and throughout the industry. Since the launch, a $1 million gift was donated to KWCRF within months of promotion. To date, the campaign is over halfway in meeting its $4 million goal.

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