Redefining the family farm


Vulgamore Family Farms is a diversified crop and livestock operation based in Scott City, Kansas. During the last five generations, they’ve significantly increased the size and scope of their operation and were facing some criticism from people who labeled them as a “big farm.” They needed help understanding why people had a negative perception of the farm and how to overcome challenges caused by those perceptions.


Build a positive brand perception through increased communication, understanding, and transparency


We held focus groups with landowners and Scott City community members and interviewed farmers who manage small to mid-sized operations across Kansas to better understand their perception of and the narratives surrounding “small” v. “big” farms.

We learned there was a significant gap in what people think Vulgamore Family Farms does and what the farm actually does, which was causing people to feel angry or view the farm as being secretive. We needed to completely overhaul the brand to close these gaps and demonstrate who Vulgamore Family Farms truly is, what they do, and how they do it.

We started by changing the name to VFF, because the farm was no longer representative of one family. Multiple generations of multiple families now work together, and the brand needed to reflect the entire VFF team. Then, we developed a new visual identity system, website, and marketing materials that go in-depth about each aspect of the operation.


The VFF team has more pride and ownership in the brand than ever before because it’s representative of everyone. Additionally, by being fully transparent and providing more detailed information about who works at VFF, what services VFF provides, and how VFF delivers those services, we were able to help educate people about those topics and build trust.

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