Salina Family Healthcare Center

Changing perception of rural healthcare


Salina Family Healthcare Center (SFHC) came to us at a time when their branding and culture were at odds with each other. They had experienced staff and offered a wide-range of healthcare services, but their brand appeared less professional than competitors’ and made it difficult for them to attract new patients.


Develop a brand that communicates high quality and compassionate care for all in a modern and trustworthy way


We started by conducting research to better understand SFHC’s perception so that we could create the most effective messaging for their desired target audiences. We learned that community clinics tend to carry a negative perception of providing care that is “less than” simply because they serve low-income and uninsured populations, but we wanted to use SFHC’s inclusivity as a strength and show that they’re the epitome of what healthcare should be. Every piece of SFHC’s new brand from the logo, website, and advertising reinforces their purpose which is to provide extraordinary care for all, no exceptions.

Salina Family Website


The clinic’s facilities, apparel, signage, digital, and social presences were all updated to reflect their new branding. One year after the brand launch, Salina Family Healthcare Center increased new patients by nearly 5%. Additionally, the rebrand, which centered around a mission of exceptional care for all, reinvigorated the healthcare center’s employees and residency students by instilling pride for their workplace and purpose.

Project Recap


Research & Strategy
Branding & Visual Identity
Digital Experiences
Campaign Development
Video & Motion

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