Kansas Wheat Alliance

Cultivating trust through a rebrand


Kansas Wheat Alliance (KWA) strengthens the wheat industry by funding research to improve wheat varieties and ensuring the availability of quality seed while promoting stewardship of these favorable traits to benefit farmers and consumers. Specifically, they manage the release of Kansas State University wheat varieties both inside and outside of Kansas.

Each year, more and more wheat varieties from numerous companies are available to farmers, creating a saturated, noisy market that’s difficult to compete in. KWA needed to revamp their brand and marketing to stand out and become a more desirable option.


Develop a stand-out brand in a crowded, competitive market


After conducting surveys with farmers and KWA associates, we learned KWA was perceived as more trustworthy than competitors but was “losing relevance.” We also discovered the need for KWA to equip associates with more marketing materials to help sell varieties and offer incentives to top performing associates.

Equipped with this knowledge, we modernized KWA’s brand and positioned them as the most trustworthy and consistent provider of high-quality wheat varieties—an organization you can Expect Excellence from. Then, we developed a new website, updated KWA’s marketing materials, and created the Trailblazer program, a loyalty program for associates. Trailblazers now receive exclusive access to new varieties, marketing materials, and more.


By directly engaging with KWA’s highest priority audiences, associates and farmers, we developed a brand rooted in what matters most to these groups of people—consistency, reliability, and trust. Associates are more engaged with the brand and the Trailblazer program is growing year after year because KWA listened to associates’ needs and developed programs and processes to address them. That level of personal connection and commitment is unique to KWA and will continue to bring them success in the future, no matter how crowded the market becomes.

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