Topanga McBride Profile Image

Topanga McBride

Integrated Producer


Severance, Colorado


B.S. Agricultural Communications and Journalism

B.S. Agricultural Economics
Kansas State University
As an integrated producer, Topanga enjoys supporting and collaborating with teams of driven people determined to make an impact with their work. She values individuality and aims to find solutions that recognize people’s unique needs while celebrating shared experiences. This approach extends to her teammates, clients, and the audiences impacted by the work.

Topanga has spent her whole life in the middle of the urban/rural divide, and that’s her comfort zone. She grew up raising Milking Shorthorns in a town just east of Fort Collins, Colorado, and was the only student in her 500-person class who sported boots to class every day. She attended Kansas State University and is a former Agriculture Future of America (AFA) student advisor. With a passion for connecting people of all walks of life through food, she is back in school pursuing a degree in culinary arts. Topanga likes performing in community theater, obsessing over anything Marvel, and finding excuses to bake and cook for people.

502 is now Middle

After 13 years of providing marketing services to local, regional, and national clients, 502 has rebranded to become Middle.