Killian Millner Filming
Killian Millner

Killian Millner

Cinematographer & Editor


Abilene, Kansas


A.A. Photography
B.F.A. Digital Media
McPherson College
Born and raised in Abilene, Kansas, Killian sees the importance of highlighting the hidden gems of rural America and telling those stories in an engaging and thoughtful way. Whether Killian is at the editing bay or behind the camera, his passion for photography and filmmaking allows him to create compelling stories for our clients.

In addition to creating content with Middle, Killian and his wife Sheridan co-founded Planted Creative, a dynamic photo and video business that reflects their mutual love for storytelling and visual creativity.

With the recent addition of their baby, River, to the family, Killian is a busy dad who’s dedicated to making a difference in his community. He’s deeply engaged in fundraising for a new skatepark in Manhattan, Kansas, and enjoys every opportunity to combine his passions with his professional endeavors.