Killian Millner Filming
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Killian Millner

Production Specialist


Abilene, Kansas


A.A. Photography
B.F.A. Digital Media
McPherson College
As production specialist, Killian manages all photo and video projects for Middle. Whether Killian is at the editing bay or behind the camera, his passion for photography and filmmaking allows him to create compelling stories for our clients. Additionally, his technical expertise and problem solving skills make him an invaluable resource to have on set.

Born and raised in Abilene, Kansas, Killian sees the importance of highlighting the hidden gems of rural America and telling those stories in an engaging and thoughtful way. Killian is a plant enthusiast and a dog lover. When he isn’t behind the camera, he can be found tending to his personal jungle or spending time with his Great Dane Oslo.

502 is now Middle

After 13 years of providing marketing services to local, regional, and national clients, 502 has rebranded to become Middle.