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Kehoulani Krimbill

Creative Director


Petoskey, Michigan


B.A. Communication
Alma College
From starting in a part-time sales position in 2013 to leading the team as creative director today, Kehoulani has seen it all here at Middle. Experiencing each role and their unique part in the process has provided her the foundation to bring teams together and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

As a transplant from Northern Michigan with Hawaiian heritage, Kehoulani has a special place in her heart for the unexpected voices hidden throughout the Midwest. Embracing the “odd-man-out” feeling has emboldened her to ask hard questions and learn more about the diverse people and places that make up rural America. When she’s not telling stories, she’s consuming them — her favorites include This American Life, Throughline, and Radiolab.

502 is now Middle

After 13 years of providing marketing services to local, regional, and national clients, 502 has rebranded to become Middle.