Jordan Seirer Profile Image

Jordan Seirer

Art Director


Lucas, Kansas


B.F.A. Graphic Design
Fort Hays State University
As art director, Jordan is involved in many different types of projects at any given time. Whether creating engaging in-person experiences with massive environmental design installations or tailoring a highly-effective website design, Jordan can be found in the trenches getting the work done and keeping projects on track. He’s a systems-thinker which allows him to enthusiastically dive into projects and quickly develop plans to accomplish clients’ goals.

Born and raised in Lucas, Kansas, Jordan first encountered graphic design by filling a void in his high school schedule with the only remaining elective class. While attending Fort Hays State University, Jordan solidified his love for design thanks to its creative and competitive aspects and developed a deep appreciation for learning and problem solving.

502 is now Middle

After 13 years of providing marketing services to local, regional, and national clients, 502 has rebranded to become Middle.