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Blade Mages

Blade Mages



Concordia, Kansas
Blade is a self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades and master of…maybe four. Founding Middle in 2008, his well-rounded skill set has helped lead the agency into a variety of project and industry types while building an incredible team along the way. As the resident question asker and debater, Blade’s day-to-day is spent challenging our clients, our team, and our work.

Blade hails from a bit of everywhere – Colorado, Guam, Texas, and others – but is a proud Kansan. The son of an airline pilot, Blade was afforded a diverse upbringing and access to a variety of experiences and cultures from a young age. Yet, today, Blade finds that he connects most with the spirit of those in the middle. Hardworking, entrepreneurial, brave.

When not asking the tough questions or holding a camera, Blade can be found leading within our local community through various business and nonprofit organizations, many of which he helped to create.