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Celebrating 40 years of partnership


After 40 years of connecting the world through the wheat industry, U.S. Wheat Associates (USW) wanted to celebrate the milestone and show appreciation for their partners and stakeholders. We needed to bring together not just employees of the organization but overseas offices, buyers, farmers, and state commissions to celebrate and recognize USW’s accomplishments.


Unite a global audience in celebration of a shared purpose


We quickly realized that this was not just a moment for USW to highlight past achievements. It was an opportunity to celebrate the shared purpose that unites all USW’s stakeholders, regardless of roles, responsibilities, and geography. To do this, we researched the global impact of U.S. wheat and the overall process from grower to export to end product so that we could define USW’s differential advantage. This research led to a campaign messaging strategy that represented, recognized, and rewarded all the diverse people that make U.S. wheat a premier product. All assets, including a landing page, farmer-focused videos, and print collateral focused on showing gratitude and co-creation.

“Through the years, U.S. Wheat Associates has been a faithful and trustworthy partner and friend to TFMA. Every year, USW shares the latest milling technology and innovative baking skills, and monthly harvest and quality reports. Moreover, our millers and customers have the greatest of trust in U.S. wheat, and we are grateful for the support from USW. With a rich and long history in Taiwan’s milling industry, we are proud to provide the service to our customers with the support from our dear friends at USW. Please accept our heartiest congratulations on your 40th anniversary.” – U.S. wheat Customer


By telling USW’s story in a 40th anniversary campaign, we created an opportunity to express gratitude and unite people throughout the wheat value chain. Through this act of gratitude, we increased USW’s pride in their organization and farmers’ confidence in the value that USW provides. Following the launch of the effort, USW received messages from buyers around the world — from Morocco to Japan to Taiwan — thanking them for their work in the industry.

Awards & Honors

NAMA Award
2020 NAMA Region V First Place
Internet Website – directed to farmers, ranchers, or growers, and all others serving agribusiness

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